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   Quality Solutions

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Quality Assurance
and Development

Quality is not just for inspection! Quality affects every aspect of your business and gives you a sustainable competitive advantage over other companies. 
I work closely with you on all aspects of Quality, supporting you and your team in achieving targets, raising standards and improving outcomes:
Detailed quality gap analysis
Quality assurance against sector standards
Quality development and Quality improvement plans
Subcontractors' quality due diligence and continued support
Subcontractors' audits and observations
Self-Assessment preparation and review
Policies and procedures
Inspection readiness (new Ofsted CIF 2015)
Preparation for the Matrix accreditation
Critical friend for leaders and managers
Project management on any aspect of Quality
Change management
Survey preparation and implementation
Data analysis
Staff manual (induction/support)

Teaching and

I work closely with you so you can aim for excellence whatever your provision; Classroom or Workplace Learning, Apprenticeships, Further Education or Higher Education; from entry levels to level 9.

I develop managers and staff's understanding on how to deliver outstanding and innovative sessions for learners every time. I reenergise your teaching staff and get them to feel motivated about their future practice.

I cover all aspects of Teaching, Learning and Assessment: creative and innovative delivery of the curriculum, flipped learning, stretch and challenge, challenging behaviour, measuring progress, developing maths and English, feedback to learners, safeguarding, Prevent, Equality and Diversity, British values, employability skills development and much more.

Also training sessions on:
Using digital skills, ILT and Blended Learning to create buzzing learning spaces
Delivering impactful inductions, tutorials and 1-to-1s
Engaging in reflective practice for practitioners
Completing and learn from lesson observations and learning walks
Creating engaging resources and training packs.

Assessment and Internal Quality Assurance

Having worked with over 50 Awarding Organisations (A.O.s), I can complete an Internal Quality Assurance health check against their specific criteria so you know where you're at and what needs to be improved.
I can guide you in how to have rigorous and tight Assessment and IQA processes and procedures and help you setting up as a centre with an Awarding Organisation. 
I have all the latest details about End Point Assessment (EPA) and AAOs and can support you and employers in choosing the best one for you.
I prepare teams and all necessary paperwork for a successful EQA visit and give you post EQA support as required.
Through targeted training, I deliver assessment best practice for assessors, trainers, IQAs and managers through TAQA 3 (assessor) Refresher/update and TAQA 4 (IQA) - Refresher/update.
Observation training for IQAs so they can make a real difference in improving the standards of assessment, developing innovative assessment methods and increasing cost-effectiveness.

Professional Development

Focused CPD is key for all organisations who strive to excel in their field. Successful professional development equips managers and staff with relevant and up to date knowledge, skills and competence in line with current standards of practice.
I assess training needs against current requirements, linked to TLA observations, industry and company needs and a fast-changing general educational and training context. I then develop a training programme that will impact positively on staff and learners.
Innovative and inspirational training sessions ensure that all staff are engaged and leave feeling confident to deliver a professional service to learners, employers and stakeholders.
The impact of CPD on staff, learners and the organisation is assessed through focused surveys and rigorous analysis of outcomes against KPIs.
Through coaching and mentoring sessions, staff and managers develop a greater appreciation of the implications and impact of their work and, using the GROW model, have clear targets to move towards their agreed goals.
Leadership and Management training involving key staff lead to thoughtful interaction with peers and go a long way towards resolving company challenges.

Coaching and Motivational Programmes

 I am passionate about developing people and very aware that nurturing a positive culture in organisations leads to amazing short and long-term results.
As an Investment in Excellence facilitator through Pacific Institute for staff and PX2 for young adults, I have created engaging motivational sessions and packages so individuals can grow into more positive people to achieve their personal and professional goals. I deliver coaching sessions based on the GROW model, allowing staff to decide on how to overcome challenges and making them more resilient to changes. Sometimes though mentoring is the solution and I also offer one-off or support programmes for staff and leaders.
As motivational speaker for businesses, I tailor the content of my presentation to current company challenges so the impact of the session is felt by staff and managers alike. I deliver team-building training for new or experienced teams to re-focus the energies on "making things happen together".
I am also a Subject Learning Coach for Modern Foreign Languages, helping MFL teachers to excel in their delivery through a range of activities (in English and target language).
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